I wanna draw a group picture of the Mindcrackers in halloween costumes :D Costume ideas pls?

Etho in a Chef’s outfit because Cooking with Etho.


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As /u/chronifused2 on the subreddit said: A god, a king, and a lord. What more can be asked for?

I can’t believe I didn’t realise this it’s perfect.

This is amazing and demands some fanart.

One of my favorite things to hear Etho say.

"I still have my morning voice."

Oooh baby.

*squee* Speedy and Hova and Shadewww playing a Vechs map somebody pinch me. I love Mindcrack-Crew interaction (even though this isn’t really interaction like Bdubs being on the Crew server but still).

14/∞ edits of baekhyun
14/ edits of baekhyun

Etho is impressed by Seth’s “clever” retaliation prank on Zisteau.

Setho, the ship of non-stop reciprocating compliments.


Screwing with FaceRig


the crew


the crew


Hello. Greetings.
Word to your mother. Welcome.

Call me Farri. You say it like Vechs did. Without the 9. c:

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