Youtube || Achievement Hunter | The Creatures | The Crew | infant Mindcrack fan
featuring severe obsessions with SSoHPKC, KYR_Sp33dy, and Etho

K-pop || Big Bang | BAP | EXO | SHINee
featuring Key as the Number 1 Bias is the Best Bias of Biases

Video Games || Mass Effect | Halo | Bioshock Infinite | Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Feel free to repost my gifs...just give me some credit man. T_T

ps I like cats

Can you recognize your Exo bias by his silhouette?

Its pretty easy just based on their hair styles. xD
Pretty boys are pretty even with just silhouettes.
See if you’re correct here.

EXO We are One

1/ Exo x Exo Symbol edits

Since I can’t unsee this

I’m hereby calling all Exo-M biased, Mexocans.